Internet Marketing Bible


Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Internet Marketing For Beginners

Chapter 2: An Overview Of Internet Marketing

Chapter 3: Poised to Change

Chapter 4: The Driving Force of Internet Marketing

Chapter 5: Unleashing the Power of Social Networking

Chapter 6: Getting and Retaining Customers—The New Mantras

Chapter 7: Old-Age Internet Marketing Methods that Still Work

Wrapping Up



This eBook The Indispensable Almanac Of Internet Marketing has been written with one specific purpose in mind—to make you aware of the different ways in which the world of Internet marketing has changed and to reinforce the fact that despite all those changes, the whole affair is still quite uncomplicated at the heart of it. If you intend to develop a highly moneymaking online business, then now is as good a time as any other.

It is true that the world of Internet marketing seems daunting to most people. Not helping the fact is the steady development of this genre, where a lot of new techniques are being introduced with each passing day. Things do seem to be difficult on the face of it, marketers do seem to be doing a lot of technical things all the time… but if you scratch the surface, the truth of it becomes quite clear. You will find that most of these marketers are just doing the same things that we did in the old times, only that now the aspect of sharing those things with people has enhanced with amazing alacrity. …


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