Happiness Through Self Care

Happiness Through Self Care


Excerpt From Intro From E-book “Happiness Through Self Care”:

Life would be that much easier if you loved yourself. Too many people live with low self-esteem. Too many other people are simply indifferent toward themselves.  When was the last time your Mum asked if you were ‘looking after yourself’? Can you honestly say that you are? Too often, we place too much pressure on ourselves, or we expect too much of ourselves. We are constantly working hard toward our goals, and we beat ourselves…………..


This Done For You Complete Funnel System Includes:
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  • Opt-in (Squeeze Page)
  • Free Report, “Self Care For Everyday Life “
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Your Main Offer For Your Customer
  • E-Book, “Happiness Through Self Care”
    • Supporting Resources
      • Checklist
      • Mind map
      • Resource Sheet
Your Upsell Offer for Your Customer, 10 Videos Ready to Upload :
  • 01 – 3 Reasons Why Self-Care Should Be a Priority
  • 02 – 4 Easy Self-Care Tips That Can Drastically Boost Your Mood
  • 03 – 4 Ways Journaling Makes You Happier and More Fulfilled
  • 04 – 5 Ways to Make Tomorrow the Best Day Ever
  • 05 – 5 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul
  • 06 – 7 Quick Self-Care Tips for Relieving Stress and Anxiety
  • 07 – How to Create a Morning Self-Care Routine for a Successful Day
  • 08 – How to Cut Out Toxic People in Your Life
  • 09 – How to Focus on the Good Things Instead of the Bad
  • 10 – How to Say “No” and Why Setting Boundaries is Important


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