Chapter 1: The Science Behind Insomnia
What is Insomnia?
he Two Types of Insomnia
The Causes of Insomnia
The Risk Factors of Insomnia
Chapter 2: The Brain of an Insomniac
The Mind And The Brainwaves
Day Vs Night
The Myths
The Brain of The Restless Mind
The Gray Matter
he 5 Things You Do Every Morning
Chapter 4: The Cure: Natural and Artificial Remedy
Artificial Remedy
Natural Remedy
Go Camping
Music Therapy
Power Down For Better Sleep
Sleep In A Cool Room
Break A Sweat
Chapter 5: Lifestyle Modification for Insomniac
Chapter 6: Switching Off
Battling Insomnia
Stimulating Night = Bad Sleep
Never Miss Another Night of Sleep
How To ‘Switch Off’ At Night




Welcome to the book of INSOMNIAC: The Ultimate Sleep Therapy. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to handle all the areas of Insomnia from the causes to the steps on how to cure it. All the information in this book will help you to overcome the process of Insomnia.
All the nights of staying awake and all the days of constantly feeling exhausted will fade away. After reading this book, you will know not only about where Insomnia comes from, but you will also know how to cure it. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy this book and benefit immensely from it!

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