Email Lists Secrets


Overview of List Management – Part 1
Understanding List Management 1
Always Be Truthful
The Role of Your List: Always at the Front of Your Mind
Listen to Your List – Reap the Rewards
The Rating System
E-zines and Newsletters
Personal List – Mixed Content

Overview of List Management – Part 2
Personal List, Affiliate and Ad Content
The Ad List
Divide and Conquer
The Personal Touch
All Done – Now It’s Your Turn

Overview of List Management – Part 3
List Building Methods
Quality over Quantity
Getting Started
Throwing Out Prospects Doesn’t Get You Organized
Am I Building My List While Doing This?
Professionalism Revisited
Where your Most Effective List Comes from
The Ultimate Tried and Tested List Builder
Be Careful Not To Interrupt Your Sales Process
Maximizing Subs Without Losing Sales
Non-Profit Resource Building
A Few Last Words



Overview of List Management – Part 1

-To show you why you need to decide which method you’re going to use to maintain your list before you even start building it for maximum positive effect.
-To explain why it’s so hard to change mid flow, once you’ve already started.
-To show that to get people to listen and take notice of you and avoid complaints, there’s a few things that you’ll need to tell the customer beforehand.
– To set solid goals for your list, and map out where you want it to go in the future.
=To show you how powerful your list actually is to you, and to display how much more earning potential some methods have over others, and how you’re going to capitalize on that.

Rights Included:
MRR- Master Resell Rights
RR- Resell Rights
PR- Personal Use Rights
PLR- PrivateLable Rights


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