How To Get Your Ex-Back


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  • Disclaimer
  • Introduction
  • When Good Relationships Turn Bad
  • Mistakes You Might Have Made
  • Re-Establishing Contact with Your Ex
  • Earning Your Happily Ever After Badge
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There are literally thousands of couples across the world who have broken up with their perfect partners (for them) due to very simple misunderstandings. It’s sad to think that many of these break-ups could have been completely avoided if each person just had a clearer understanding of what their partner was thinking and what they wanted from the relationship.

Unfortunately, because men and women are biologically so different to each other, there are specific things we each do that can easily drive a partner away rather than keeping them close, as we’d intended.  Of course, you may be hurting. You might even be completely bewildered as to why your relationship has ended at all. But the reality is that good relationship break up all the time … needlessly.


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