Content Marketing Plan


Table Of Contents:

The 30-Day Content Marketing Plan Introduction
Day 1 – Define Your Content Marketing Goals
Day 2 – Research And Understand Your Audience
Day 3 – Create Your Audience Personas
Day 4 – Brainstorm Content Ideas
Day 5 – Do Keyword Research
Day 6 – Come Up With Content Titles And Outlines
Day 7 – Plan Out Your Content Calendar
Day 8 – Create Your Website (If You Haven’t Already)
Days 9 to 15 – Content Creation (Blog Posts/Articles), Content Productivity Tips, Content Editing Tips, A Few More Content Tips
Day 16 – Set Up Your Social Media Accounts
Days 17 to 23 – Repurpose Your Content, Benefits of Content Repurposing, Some Popular Formats To Repurpose Your Content Into
Day 24 – Set Up Google Analytics
Day 25 – Start Publishing New Content On Your Website
Day 26 – Publish Content On Social Media and Start Building A  Following
Day 27 – Start Reaching Out To Authority Sites For Guest Post Opportunities
Day 28 – Reach Out To Social Influencers In Your Niche
Day 29 – Comment On Popular Articles And Blog Posts
Day 30 – Reach Out To Relevant Websites And Ask Them To Feature Your Content
Conclusion – Day 31 and Beyond



Standing out from the crowd is harder and more complicated than ever. You can either spend tons of money to get your brand and your products in front of your target audience, or you can create a solid content marketing strategy that you can do absolutely free or for minimal cost!
Of course, the trade-off to not spending money upfront is you’re going to be investing a lot of time instead. If you’re willing to put in the time and spending hours in front of your computer, then this guide is for you!

Product Content:

  • E-Book
  • Checklist
  • Resource Cheat Sheet
  • Mind Map
  • Sales page
  • Opt-in Page
  • Graphics
  • Articles
  • Email Swipes
  • Social Media Images
  • Videos
  • Up-sell Page
  • 7 Day Autoresponder Series
  • Special report
  • Affiliates toolbox Page
  • Social Media Swipe Kit
  • Top Forums and Blogs
  • Keywords
  • Featured Images
  • Audios



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