Scam Buster

Scam Buster


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Work At Home Scams
Chapter 2: Debt Relief Scams
Chapter 3: Foreclosure and Mortgage Scams
Chapter 4: You Won Scams
Chapter 5: Identity Scams
Wrapping Up


Book Excerpt

Con artists who push scams have a crucial factor working for them besides the sorry state of our economic system, and that’s the lack of a uniform, comprehensive, national clamp down by law enforcement officials.

It’s exceedingly hard to track, shut down, and bring these rogue companies to justice, as many will confirm today. And because most consumers wind up getting taken for a relatively little sum of money, attorneys are seldom willing or able to get involved, nor do local law enforcement representatives.

According to the Better Business Council, only twenty-three % of the bureaus responding to a survey reported any law enforcement actions taken against scams in their area, in spite of the fact that ninety-three % of the bureaus around the country have got complaints about scams.

Here we will show you what these are and how to avoid them.

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