Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche


Table Of Contents

  • Introduction.
  • Chapter 1 – What Exactly is a Niche?
    • What is a Niche?
    • What is Niche Marketing?
    • The Over Saturation of Niche Markets
  • Chapter 2 – Why Finding a Niche is So Important
  • Chapter 3 – What Makes a Niche Profitable
    • What Makes a Niche Profitable?
    • Some High Earning Niches to Consider
  • Chapter 4 – Choosing Your Niche
    • Choosing an Evergreen Niche
    • Choosing a Niche Based on Your Interests
    • Selling as an Affiliate
  • Chapter 5 – Getting Started with Your Niche Research
    • Finding Hot Keywords
    • How To Organize Your Keywords
    • How To Test Your Keywords Live
  • Chapter 6 – Analyzing Your Competition
    • Determining How Many Competitors There Are in The Niche
      Researching the Competition
      Evaluating the Competition
    • Consider Your Competition’s Pricing
  • Chapter 7 – Finding Your Ideal Customer
    • Researching and Surveying Your Target Market
    • Utilize Online Surveys
  • Chapter 8 – Building Relationships Within Your Niche
    • Email Marketing
    • our Social Media Networks
    • Your Newsletter
  • Conclusion


“These days, it’s all about starting your own business. Unfortunately, too many new business owners believe that all they have to do to be successful is put up a website and watch the money roll in. While having a dedicated website is essential for any business, you aren’t really in business if that’s all you do. Too many would-be business owners aren’t prepared to put in the time and energy that is required to…”


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